Sermon Text and Topics for June 2019



June 2:

Hebrews 2:10-11

“One Big, Holy Family”

When I was a kid we all grew up watching the Brady Bunch. That iconic song and the pictures of all the “family members” smiling and looking around at each other will be forever etched in the depths of my brain.   The Brady’s were Hollywood’s best to show what a happy, blended family could look like and function. If the truth be known, it wasn’t such a happy mix. The “one big happy family” motif was in reality, a farce, a façade.   Here in Hebrews 2:10-11, this pastor shows Christian believers that life together in the Body of Christ is not about being “happy.” It’s about being made HOLY. The thing that draws us together into an eternal family is the holiness of Christ. Today we’re going to learn how the Spirit of Christ dwelling in our midst makes us one, big HOLY family. 


June 9:

"Never Give Up"

Jim will be in Roatan on mission and lay-speaker, Denita Efird will be sharing the Word. She is working diligently on a message you need to hear!   Please come and be prepared to be blessed as God’s Word encourages us to never, never give up.

June 16:

Hebrews 2:8-10

“All Things under Jesus’ Authority”

One of the unique privileges we had on one of our recent trips to Roatan was to meet the Chief of Police for the Bay Islands. It was truly a pleasure to talk with this man. He was dressed neatly a pressed white shirt, tie and formal uniform. He carried himself with a dignified, quiet confidence.   Even though he was a perfect gentleman we could tell we were in the presence of authority and power.   He commanded respect from his fellow citizens because he was an uncompromised force for justice and peace on the islands.   Even though no man can be a true reflection of the authority of Jesus, I think this helps us get a glimpse into the world of the writer of the message of hope Jesus brings. Even though this pastor’s world was in rough shape, his message to his believers is one of Hope! Jesus is in complete authority over his creation and his power will prevail! Before this authority can be realized, the first place it must take hold is in the life of the church. When Jesus reigns in the church we become instruments of his grace, and his change agents to the world! Today we will answer the question: How does Jesus reign in the church?   How does that reign change the way we relate to the world?


June 23:

Annual Conference

Lisa Hartsell, lay speaker, will be bringing the message today as Jim attends Annual Conference. Please make a point to come and worship among God’s people as Lisa shares what God has placed on her heart from His Word!

June 30:

Hebrews 3:1-6

“Fixing Our Thoughts on Christ”

More than anything else so far, the pastor of these Hebrew believers wants them to know: Jesus is the cornerstone of our confidence and hope. He takes us far beyond the flawed, utterly inadequate world of our own hopes and dreams, and gives us a NEW DREAM...a NEW REALITY...a NEW WORLD in which to live. The writer reminds all followers of Jesus to “keep the eyes of our faith FIXED on Jesus.” He is our apostle: our teacher, the bearer of the God’s Good News to us. He is also our High Priest: the bearer of all our cares, desires, and petitions before God. Even when we cannot put our prayers into words, Jesus is there to help us get our prayers across.   Jesus is the Way God provides for Him to communicate himself to us, and for us to commune with Him. Communion goes both ways through the person of Jesus. So fix your minds on Him.

Sermon Text and Topics for July 2019

July 7:

Jim and Nancy will be on renewal leave and Lay Speaker James Layok will be preaching both services. James always has a gift to share his faith and communicate God’s truth in a unique, genuine, heartfelt way.  Please make a point to be present as he shares with us!    

July 14:

Hebrews 3:12-19

"Entering into God’s Rest”

On one of my recent adventures I discovered a place called Traveler’s Rest. It’s a town in western South Carolina, nestled at the foot of the mountains. It got its name back in the 1700’s when travelers would stop in the little town to rest before they began the difficult trek up the steep mountains into NC. Today, in our modern autos, we don’t even pay attention to the steep climbs. But in a horse-drawn wagon it was quite a difficult journey requiring “rest” before you began. Today’s text shows people of faith how to enter into “God’s rest.” Rest for the journey, and the rest of our ultimate destination in Christ. The Spirit of Christ offers wonderful provision for the journey and blessed assurance of our eternal destination. Today, we will allow Hebrews to teach us how to receive both.

July 21:

Hebrews 4:12-13

“The Power and Life of God’s Word”

Over the years I have been privileged to walk many miles in the woods Western NC. During those walks I have come across many beautiful creeks, rivers and waterfalls. The way a creek constantly cut its way through the mountains never ceases to amaze me. Sometimes you’ll come across outcroppings of massive rocks, and cutting right down through the middle of them will be a stream of swift running water. Nothing can stand up against its never-relenting power, but it’s also the source of all natural life.   Just like the water of a stream is the power and life of the forest, the Word of God is power and life to our souls. Today our goal is to understand how God’s life flows into us by way of his holy Word. The Word is a source of life and truth we cannot live without! It reveals our weakness and vulnerabilities, but also shows us the way to Life!

July 28:

Hebrews 4:14-16

“Jesus, Our High Priest.”

My annual mission trip to Roatan has become a crucial part of my faith development. It reminds me of two things: One, how blessed I am to live in this country, and two, how much I am tempted to rely on “things” instead of Jesus. At its heart, today’s text is about our deepest needs, and how Jesus, our High Priest, meets them. Last week, we saw how the Word exposes our sins. It reveals to us what is already plainly visible to God.   All of us have blind spots, places we are vulnerable to sin. The Word reveals our sins to us; Jesus forgives us of those sins, gives us power to defeat them, and shows us the way to new Life!   That’s why we need a High Priest.  

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