Sermon Texts and Topics for November 2018 


November 4:

John 15:12-15

“Divine Love that Makes Us the Friends of Jesus: Part 1”

In verse 12 Jesus gives his disciples a new commandment: “Love one another in the same way I have loved you.” Today, we will learn how that kind of love shared between human beings makes the relationship between disciples of Jesus the most powerful bond human beings can share. This is the ultimate expression of love between people because it’s the very love of God the Father.   It’s the same love God has for his Son and that Jesus has for us! We will spend the first week listening Jesus to describe the loving relationships He wants us to have with Him and with each other.   We’ll spend the second week talking about what Jesus means when he calls us “friends.” Divine love received and shared between God and human beings creates the miraculous possibility of US becoming the FRIENDS of God through Jesus. That which caused enmity between us has been vanquished! What makes this friendship different from and more precious than all others? What is it about our friendship with Christ and each other that is essential to building God’s Kingdom on earth?    


November 11:

John 15:12-15

"Divine Love that Makes Us the Friends of Jesus: Part 2”  


November 18:

John 15:16-17


In verse 16, Jesus tells his disciples that we did not choose him, he chose us. That tiny phrase has tremendous implications in helping us to navigate the murky waters of where our relationship with Jesus actually begins. Do we initiate it or does He? Does it begin when we decide to “choose Christ” and “follow Jesus?” Or does it begin long before this? What does it mean to be “chosen” by Christ? What are the implications for the rest of our days on earth? For eternity?


November 25:

John 15:18-19

“You Are No Longer Part of the World”

Much of what Jesus says about discipleship here has to do “belonging.”   Today, we learn that belonging to the world and belonging to Jesus are incompatible.   Belonging to both, having one foot in each place would have been inconceivable to Jesus. We can’t have it both ways. So with that in mind, here are this week’s questions to ponder and pray over: How is God calling us to belong to Him? As Jesus’ disciples, what does it mean to live “counter” to the culture we inhabit? Why is it important for people to be able to distinguish followers of Jesus from everyone else?

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